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Reasons to switch from a tent to a hammock!


You can set up your hammock almost anywhere you’d like.

Sometimes it might take a while to find the perfect spot to put up your hammock but if you’re not camping right at the beach you will always find two trees spaced out with sufficient strength – which is all you need. If you’ve got a Hammock Hanging kit you don’t even need to worry about the space between the trees as you can adjust the distance with the straps. No rocky ground, wet earth, steep slopes. You can camp over rocks and roots, on hills and even over snow. There are even moskito net covers for hammocks to protect you from bugs and other unwelcome little visitors. In other words: you will always find a suitable campsite. And once you’ve found your spot, the hammock is easy to set up and take down as you basically just need to clip the straps around the tree. Another advantage, as hikers with a hammock system can hike dawn-to-dust without worrying to find the next camping ground.

You will have light and small gear for sleeping 

When packed down properly in a pouch you never have to worry about bringing your hammock as it will easily fit in or on your backpack. An ultralight hammock like the Amazonas Adventure Hammock Ice-Blue weighs only 180 gramms itself, something like aMoskito Traveler with an included bug net around 500 gramms... On top you have to consider extra equipment like straps and a tarp, but it is a very light and minimalistic gear nevertheless. Depending on the sleeping systems you are comparing, a ground system like a tent might be as light as a hammock but it usually doesn’t pack down to the size of it.

You will sleep better.

A lot of people would probably choose a tent over a hammock for sleeping simply out of habit. A hammock seems to be more for relaxing while a tent seems to be the place for actual sleep. But try it out – you might have to get used to the feeling of sleeping in a hammock, but you’ll be especially thankful for your travel assistant when it’s cold and rainy and you don’t have to sleep on the wet ground.

You’ve got just as much comfort.

What a lot of people have to understand is that you won’t lose any of the comfort or enjoyment of camping when switching from a tent to a hammock. It might feel strange to let go of the habit of taking a tent on your camping trip and camping with a hammock can be seen as quite minimalistic. Nonetheless, a hammock comes with all the essential gear needed to add up to the camping comfort: a mosquito net, a gear loft, a tarp, under-quilts and sleeping pads; you can even set up a rain fly to reflect the heat. And for all of them there are ultra-light versions and 4-season options.

You will sleep under the stars.

You’re outside all the way and you’re sleeping purely under the free sky. What could possibly feel more liberating? You will feel refreshed, comfortable and energized - we might even go that far and claim that you’ll sleep even better than in your own bed at home. You won’t have to limit and shut yourself in a tent – only waiting to escape it as soon as the morning comes. In a hammock, you will be seeing the stars and the amazing nature around, you’ll feel fresh air flow and you’ll be able to stand up anytime you want. 

It’s so much more than just a hammock.

Not only is a hammock your bed for the night, it can also be turned into a camping couch, where you just relax and take a nap, or a camping chair, in which you cook your food. You can take it on your day hikes and set it up anywhere along the way once you’re exhausted. You can even set it up in your garden for the next barbecue once you’ve come home from your trip. 

Hands on, if you agree that the hammock is the real winner in this battle, then why not just think “outside the tent” as well, grab a hammock, plan your next trip into the wild, and experience the amazing feeling of hammock camping yourself.