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1. Professional consultations. Our team is professionally trained, have long-time experience and knowledge.
2. Fast deliveries. We choose best partners.
3. We guarantee, that here you will get 100% original goods and original packaging!
4. Good prices. 
5. Various payment methods. Choose your options: bank transfer; credit cards; banklinks.
6. Just original materials. 
7. Good assortment. New models and collections. 
8. Honest advises. Why? Because we do not want just to "sell", we care also about Yours and Your child's well-being. 

Who we are

Hammock-island.eu - e-shop, which offers wide range of hammocks and quick deliveries worldwide.

Here you can find:
- traditional hammocks, 
- hanging chairs, 
- baby hammocks,
- stands for hammocks, 
- hammocks for children.


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Address: Laisvės pr. 125, Vilnius, LT-06118, Lithuania.